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Coconut Water Benefits - Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is the fluid that's found in the cavity of the coconut when you crack it open. It contains no fat and is very low in calories. Coconut water is the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a tasty alternative to normal water. Coconut water is actually obtained by opening a tender, green, and healthy coconut. Inside, it's clear liquid is sweet, and sterile and composed of unique chemicals such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, cytokine, and phytohormones. This pure liquid is packed with nutrients that yield an array of health benefits. Coconut water is the greatest natural energy drink that serves many benefits. Drinking coconut water has many health benefits for skin, face and hair.

Here is a list of the health benefits of coconut water.

Coconut Water Health Benefits

Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating - these are just a few of the many benefits of coconut water. Coconut Water is naturally:

  • Low in Carbs
  • 99% Fat Free
  • Low in sugars

Coconut Water Nutritional Value

Here are little-known coconut water nutrition facts and how they can benefit your health. Coconut water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help

  1. Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.
  2. Orally rehydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage.
  3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  4. Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising.
  5. Raise your metabolism.
  6. Promote weight loss.
  7. Boost your immune system.
  8. Detoxify and fight viruses.
  9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
  10. Control diabetes.
  11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS.
  12. Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer.
  13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
  14. Boost poor circulation.

Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut water is incredibly healthy and one of the best drinks to hydrate the body. Besides helping to remove toxins from the body and aiding digestion, coconuts have amazing antiviral, antifungal and anti-microbial properties that help to cure the disease.

Coconut Water BenefitsThe English name coconut, first mentioned in English print in 1555, comes from Spanish and Portuguese word coco, which means "monkey face." Spanish and Portuguese explorers found a resemblance to a monkey's face in the three round indented markings or "eyes" found at the base of the coconut. On the Nicobar Islands of the Indian Ocean, whole coconuts were used as currency for the purchase of goods until the early part of the twentieth century.

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, botanically known as cocos nucifera, with nucifera meaning "nut-bearing." The fruit-bearing palms are native to Malaysia, Polynesia and southern Asia, and are now also prolific in South America, India , the Pacific Islands , Hawaii and Florida. The light, fibrous husk allowed it to easily drift on the oceans to other areas to propagate. In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as "kalpa vriksha, meaning "tree which gives all that is necessary for living," since nearly all parts of the tree can be used in some manner or another. The coconut itself has many food uses, including milk, meat, sugar and oil as well as functioning as its own dish and cup. The husk was also burned for fuel by natives, but today a seed fibre called coir is taken from the husk and used to make brushes, mats, fishnets, and rope. A very potent fermented toddy or drink is also made from the coconut palm sap. Coconut oil, a saturated fat made from dried coconut meat, is used for commercial frying and in candies and margarines, as well as in non-edible products such as soaps and cosmetics.

Although it takes up to a year for coconuts to mature, the trees bloom up to thirteen times a year, so fruit is constantly forming yielding a continuous harvest year-round. An average harvest from one tree runs about 60 coconuts, with some trees yielding three times that amount. The coconut's name is a bit of a misnomer, since it is botanically classified as a drupe and not a nut. It is the largest seed known.

If you've ever opened a fresh coconut, you will have seen the thin, opaque almost clear coconut juice or water which has a slight almond flavor. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the coconut milk. However, the water is consumed as a drink fresh from the coconut by many, and it can also be used in recipes.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

"It's a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It's the fluid of life, so to speak." In fact, during the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water siphoned directly from the nut to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.

Most coconut water is still consumed fresh in tropical coastal areas - once exposed to air, the liquid rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and begins to ferment.

  • Coconut Water is more nutritious than whole milk - Less fat and no cholesterol.
  • Coconut Water is more healthy than orange juice - Much lower calories.
  • Coconut Water is better than processed baby milk - It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother's milk.
  • Coconut water is naturally sterile. Water permeates through the filtering husk.
  • Coconut water is a universal donor. It is identical to human blood plasma.
  • Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage - The same level that we have in our blood.
  • Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries through Coconut IV.
  • It contains no fat and is very low in calories. Unlike plain water, coconut water is not entirely calorie-free, but at 42 calories per serving (240 gm) it's still a pretty low-calorie drink.
  • It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes.

"Coconut water is the very stuff of nature, biologically pure, full of natural sugars, salts, and vitamins to ward off fatigue and is the next wave of energy drinks but natural", according to Morton Satin, Chief of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization.

  • Coconut water contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks.
  • Curious about how many calories are in Coconut Water? 100 ml of coconut water contains 19 calories. There are 3 calories in 1 tablespoon (0.5 fl.oz) of Coconut Water. You'd need to walk 1 minutes to burn 3 calories.
  • Coconut water has less sodium (25 mg) where sports drinks have around 41 mg and energy drinks have about 200 mg.
  • Coconut water has 5 mg of Natural Sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25 mg of Altered Sugars.
  • Coconut water is very high in Chloride at 118 mg, compared to sports drinks at about 39 mg.

Nutrition Data is based on a 100 ml drink.

  1. Has anyone found coconut water helpful for pot syndrome?

  2. I am drinking coconut water everyday to control my acid reflux - 3/4 cup on empty stomach around 2:30 - 3:00 p.m (you can drink more if you want)

  3. Coconut water is really good for the body as it removes all the heat and cools the body. The coconut water refreshes us more than any other natural drink.

  4. The details about health benefits of coconut water were very useful in my investigatory project of 12th standard and also in my practical life.

  5. I am from India and not even one day passed by without having coconut water as it cools your body off from the heat. Now I am in the US and I recently found pure 100% coconut water in Safeway (all natural with no preservatives or sugar added). I have stocked so much for summer now.

  6. I never knew that coconut water has so many health benefits.

  7. Coconut water is a great drink. It has more pottasium than 2 bananas and more electrolytes than gatorade. It makes me feel wonderful!

  8. Although I agree with the benefits of coconut water and the use of coconut in general, please note that the contents of this article have not been examined thoroughly by a health care provider.

  9. I’ve been drinking coconut water for years, its so refreshing and healthy. Coconut water is 100% natural!

  10. Very informative and I already love young coconut. Thanks for getting the word out. Lisa Wilcox

  11. Coconut water is the new craze and I drink it after every run. I go for a run every morning and afterward I drink coconut water en route to the office. Not to mention, coconut water is the most natural product on the market!

  12. I belive fresh coconut is also one of the best natural food. Thanks for sharing the health benefits of coconut water.

  13. Can a diabetic patient drink coconut water and can it be used by a diabetic patient for rehydration?

  14. Coconut water is always refreshing and delicious. I remember growing up and being able to have fresh coconut water whenever I wanted. I recently tried cocunut water once again and it reminds me exactly of the coconut water I used to drink as a child. It’s amazing.

  15. I didn’t knew that coconut water is so good! Great article and thank you very much for spreading the word about its health benefits.

  16. May I know the pH value of coconut water?

  17. I live in Ghana and coconut water is easily accessible and very affordable. I take it all the time and enjoyed it better when I was pregnant.

  18. I have been suffering for 20 months with servere nighttime leg cramps. I have averaged about 2-4 hours of sleep per night since they started. Traditional doctors have been NO help what-so-ever. A friend read that coconut water would releive cramping. I bought a coconut on Sunday morning, refrigerated it and drank the water in the afternoon. I only had a few twinges that night and the next. On Tuesday I did the same thing, I had no cramps at all on Tuesday or Wednesday night. It has only been four nights, but the best four nights sleep I have had in over 1 1/2 years. YEAH for coconut water!!

  19. Is it real that drinking coconut water can treat kidney disease?

  20. For anyone looking for coconut water, may I suggest purchasing FRESH young coconuts instead of buying them in cans - it’s cheaper to do so and fresher.

  21. Fresh coconut water taken early in the morning before taking breakfast helps dissolving kidney stones and cleans your urinary tract. Sometimes we call the coconut tree the tree of life in the Philippines coz of the many uses and benefits.

  22. Coconut water has many health properties. It is also good for the kidney. In the Caribbean, it’s usually the beverage of choice. Some of those people live a long life you know.

  23. Earlier my face used to look so tired even though I used to drink 5 litres of water; when I started drinking coconut water, my skin started glowing.

  24. Coconut Water is good for health.

  25. Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy coconut water for cheap in the UK?

  26. Everyday morning after my Gym I used to drink fresh coconut water it makes me feel fresh and cool. I love to drink coconut water rather then any energy drink.

  27. I think more people especially those with diabetes should be encouraged to take coconut water to help replenish their body system.

  28. I bought the water in Puerto Vallarta and would like to buy it in Guadalajara. Please advise if there is an outlet. Gracias, Linda

  29. I found this information very valuable, because I am in a process of recovering, severe operation of removal of stones. I am on a diet of daily intake of coconut water.

  30. I would like to mention here that your information is really too much beneficial for a health conscious person. I am very much thankful for your good research on this article. May God bless you! Thanks.

  31. I have to comment on this, I suffered from a bladder infection for over two months. I tried at least 4 different kinds of antibiotics. I was getting tired and fed up. One day I decided to call a friend of mine who is originally from Cuba. I told her my situation & she suggested me to drink a lot of coconut water. I was like ok...Coconut Water? She told me in her country when they got the bladder infections the doctor would treat them with the coconut water. So I was tired of going to the doctors and was at my last try. So I tried it and in about a week I was 100% well. I don’t know what I would’ve done without this. Thanks for the information.

  32. When we are in Asia, we drink water from coconuts and then eat the inside about 2-3 times a day. In general, we’re eco-eaters.

  33. The children in our area steal coconuts from the neighborhood trees, so I tend to keep my coconuts harvested to avoid tempting thieves. I drink coconut water as often as I can. We have two bearing trees and six younger trees coming up. Coconut trees are common where we live, easy to grow and somewhat a nuisance to keep trimmed. We harvest the coconuts, drain them and store the water in our refrigerator to enjoy for many days. It maintains it’s flavor well over time and is very pleasing, especially on hot days. Immature coconut flesh (jelly coconut) makes great ice cream and mature coconut flesh is useful for baking sweet pies and tarts. Be careful, coconut water permanently stains clothes.

  34. I am Jamaican by birth but live in Florida so lucky enough to be able to get coconuts when I want them, which for me is everyday. I have 3 trees growing in my yard now, can not wait until they start bearing. Also they are the best after being chilled in the fridge.

  35. Thanks! A great deal for enlightening me on the use of coconut water.

  36. I simply leave a coconut in my refrigerator overnight and drill a hole using a 1/2" drill bit and then insert a straw in the coconut and voila; a great natural soft drink, with by the way reduces my blood sugar levels.

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  39. I know about the benefits of coconut because I am from the West Indies and we loved the coconut and did so much with it

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  42. Kindly also elaborate for the cases (patients) suffering from some disease or ailment in which coconut water should not be consumed.

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