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Sound-on-film is a class of sound film processes in which the sound that accompanies a picture is physically recorded onto a photographic film. It can either record an analog soundtrack for digital so

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In its broadest sense, a soundtrack comprises everything you hear in a movie, like the sound effects, dialogues, music etc. The soundtrack of a film is created as part of its post-production pro

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Imagine watching a horror film without background sounds evoking a spooky or mysterious feeling, or watching an action thriller without the sound effects that thrill. How interesting would these be? N

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Roughly speaking, Dolby Digital is the name of audio compression technologies developed by the Dolby Laboratories. To put it clearly, it is an advanced form of digital audio coding that enables

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Sony Dynamic Digital Sound or SDDS is a theatrical cinema sound system developed by the Japanese multinational company Sony. In this format, digital sound information is recorded on both outer e

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The world we live in is full of sound. The chirping of birds, the whistling of the wind, the roaring of animals, splashing of water-these are all parts of the rhythms of nature. Not only natural sound

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In the context of sound, the amplitude is the size of vibrations, determining how loud a sound is to be. Put it simply, the amplitude is the height of the peaks of a sound wave. Let’s try to underst

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The idea of waves can be best understood through the example of a stone thrown into still water. This act produces rings of small waves or ripples on the surface of the water. We can see them spread o

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A collection of 150 questions along with answers about business world of India for your general knowledge. India Business Quiz Questions K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in th

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A collection of India General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers for Competitive Examination and Quiz contests in India. This general knowledge quiz covers a variety of topics such as Information a

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