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English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 5

To make the cup run over. To make (to turn) the air blue. To measure another man's foot by one's own last. To measure other people's corn by one's own bushel. To pay one back in one's own coin. To plough the sand. To pour water into a sieve.... Read More

English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 3

If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. If things were to be done twice all would be wise. If we can't as we would, we must do as we can. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. If you agree to carry the calf, they'll make you... Read More

English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 4

Plenty is no plague. Politeness costs little (nothing), but yields much. Poverty is no sin. Poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is. Practice what you preach. Praise is not pudding. Pride goes before a fall. Procrastination is... Read More

English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 1

A bad beginning makes a bad ending. A bad corn promise is better than a good lawsuit. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. A bargain is a bargain. A beggar can never be bankrupt. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. A bird may... Read More

English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 2

Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Better an open enemy than a false friend. Better be alone than in bad company. Better be born lucky than rich. Better be envied than pitied. ... Read More

Flash Drive with Oxford English Dictionary

We all find that occasionally we are lost for words, it may be that we are working on a train or plane, somewhere away from the office, yet that report still needs to be completed and of course, there is no wireless internet available. I think we can... Read More

Difference between British and American English

Learn about the differences between American English and British English. This article will help you to know the commonly confused words in British and American English. A discussion of the differences between standard American and British... Read More

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