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Question: Select the correct word from the following list and fill in the blanks: The same kind of plants grown and cultivated on a large scale at a place is called _______

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Why does every living organism need food? Every living organism needs food to grow and perform various other activities and body functions. Where do we get our food from? We get o

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Fill in the blanks: ____ is used for sowing of seeds. Loosening the soil is also called _____. ____ is the second agricultural practice. _____ and ____ are used to add nutrients in the

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Write a paragraph on the various methods used to replenish the nutrients in the fields. When crops are grown in the fields, they use all the nutrients present in the soil. These nutrient

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Crop Main Producing Countries Coffee Brazil, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Guatemala, Indonesia, El Salvador and India Cotton Russia, USA, China, India, Pakistan, Turk

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Here are the latest 2010 Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams and Bank Exams. This collection also includes some General Knowledge Questions with Answers. If you think this is an excellent

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Here is a collection of 35 multiple-choice quiz questions related to manufacturing industries. The answers of these questions are given at the end of this page. Manufacturing Industries Quiz Questi

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Here is a list of 2010 general knowledge questions along with their answers. General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2010 1. Who is the new President of the Indian Youth

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New HTC TyTN Pocket PC Phone - QuadBand, 3G HSDPA UMTS EDGE, 2MP Camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, QWERTY Keyboard Product Information The HTC TyTN 3G Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 based Pocket PC phone

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The HP iPAQ Travel Companion is a full-function Windows Mobile 5.0 handheld with built-in GPS. Navigate, stay connected, and be entertained when you travel for business, for pleasure, or both. The

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