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Crop Production and Management - MCQ with Answers

Fill in the blanks:

  1. ____ is used for sowing of seeds.
  2. Loosening the soil is also called _____.
  3. ____ is the second agricultural practice.
  4. _____ and ____ are used to add nutrients in the soil.
  5. Manures are the ___ substances.
  6. ____ is a weedicides.
  7. ____ is the economical method of irrigation.
  8. Leaving field uncultivated is called ______.
  9. _____ is used to separate seed from the chaff.
  10. Crops sown in the rainy season are called ______.

Answers: a. seed drill, b. tilling, c. sowing, d. manures and fertilizers, e. organic, f. metachlor, g. drip irrigation, h. fallow, i. thresher, j. rabi crops.

Write "True/False" for the following statements:

  1. Many plants are first grown in kindergartens and then sown in fields. (False)
  2. Seeds can only be sown by using seed drills. (False)
  3. Earth worms are farmer friendly. (True)
  4. Substances that kill pests are called weedicides. (False)
  5. Cutting and gathering of mature crops is called harvesting. (True)
  6. Process of beating grains to separate them crop plants is called winnowing. (False)
  7. Excess use of fertilization is not good for crops & soil. (True)
  8. Animals which provide us with eggs and flesh are called milch animals. (False)

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