Have you ever heard of hair transplant procedure? If yes, you probably already know how great and efficient it is, and in case you haven’t, you are going to find out a little bit more about it in this article. Hair transplant is a simple surgical procedure in which professionals remove thicker hair from the back part of the scalp and place it in the areas where hair no longer grows or grow in small quantities. This procedure is painless since the patient is given local anaesthesia. The whole procedure does not leave any type of scars and does not cost a lot of money. Whether you are a male or a female, you can have your hair transplanted.

Hair Transplant Procedure

This is a purely surgical process, and some of the best known celebrities have gone through it successfully. This procedure has already helped thousands of people regain their self confidence all over the world. Modern hair transplant is done with micrografts and there are two techniques to prepare micro grafts. One is FUT or follicular unit transplant or strip method and other is FUE or follicular unit extraction or non-strip method or non surgical method. Hair transplant has started growing in popularity in the last few years. It is an option that is taken by people experiencing hair loss in certain areas of their bodies. A large number of people who pursue this option are those affected by baldness on their heads. A few years ago it was a process that many people never thought was even possible. However, with increasing breakthroughs in science, it is now possible for people to get hair transplants with relative ease.

The best hair transplant procedure is one in which the hair is extracted from one area, often referred to as the donor and fitted somewhere else. The hair to be transplanted is usually lifted off from certain parts of the scalp, such as at the back or sides, and transplanted where there is baldness. Other areas where hair is now extracted include the beard, pubic, armpit, chest and abdomen. The three main attributes that must be observed during extraction and transplanting of hair include proper angulations direction, designing and density. If this is done properly, then the transplanted hair will look as natural as possible.