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Internet Explorer 8 - IE8 is Now Live

Consistent with the efforts to promote interoperability across the Web, Microsoft will be releasing Internet Explorer 8 to render content in its most standards-compliant way by default. Giving top priority to Web standards interoperability allows... Read More

How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval?

AdSense is a web-based advertising program offered by Google. It places ads directly on others' web sites, enabling them to earn money from the traffic their sites naturally generate. Many of the ads offered are AdSense pay per click ads. The AdSense... Read More

Current Affairs - 2 March 2014

Japan-based Mt Gox - the world's largest bitcoin exchange - has collapsed. The exchange has filed for bankruptcy, losing 7.5 lakh bitcoins of customers and one lakh of its own. The bitcoins are worth over Rs. 3,000 crore. Suspected militant... Read More

Anti-Fraud Measures for PayPal Payments

Due to the increasingly fraudulent use of PayPal's payment solution, two changes have been made which relate to the way in which we accept payments made via PayPal. Whilst these measures will not cause any harm to legitimate PayPal users, they will... Read More