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Current Affairs - 2 March 2014

  1. Japan-based Mt Gox - the world’s largest bitcoin exchange - has collapsed. The exchange has filed for bankruptcy, losing 7.5 lakh bitcoins of customers and one lakh of its own. The bitcoins are worth over Rs. 3,000 crore.
  2. Suspected militant Islamists group Boko Haram attacked a town in north-east of Borno State of Nigeria.
  3. New CFO of Tata Power is Padmanabhan. Currently he is acting as Executive Director Operations.
  4. AIIMS had started issuing Unique Health Identification numbers in an effort to electrically tracking medical care facilities and to have systematised database.
  5. Russian cyber security solutions firm ’Kaspersky Lab’ issued a report that puts India 2nd in list of countries facing cyber attack on mobiles with a major chunk of these intrusions designed for phishing and stealing banking details. Russia topped the list of attacks on mobile phones, accounting for 40.34% of all attacked unique users. India, with 7.9% of attacks, stood at the second spot, followed by Vietnam (3.96%), Ukraine (3.84%) and the UK (3.42%).
  6. China based Hurun

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