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How to become a Personal Trainer?

Gone are the days when every child dreamt of being a doctor, an engineer or a pilot. Today there are so many diverse job opportunities out there. Realizing the need to be happy in a job, many are rethinking working in a nine to five job, day in and day out, at a desk. In this section we take a look at a few of the exciting, new and offbeat careers that many are opting for these days.

Become a Personal Trainer

Not for the faint hearted, this career choice is your calling if you love sports and physical activity. As a Personal Trainer you will be required to understand the individual’s need for physical training.

Skill Set

A clear understanding of physiological practices of safe and effective exercise regimens is a must. You should have great people skills and should be good at motivating others. Of course, you must be in excellent shape yourself.

Qualifications of a Personal Trainer

Certified course in Personal Trainer / Gym Trainer / Certified Fitness Trainer offered by GFFI Fitness Academy in New Delhi. Certified courses offered in Fitness Management, GGU certified personal trainer. Training and Group Exercise Instructing by Gold’s Gym after which you become a GGU certified personal trainer.

Personal Trainer

Career Guidance and Remuneration

A certification from GGU will be your passport to joining a top notch gym as a personal trainer catering to exclusive clients. You could also start a small training institute of your own at home where it could double as a dance school with aerobics. Initially the money is not too big, but once you establish yourself and get a few celebrity clients, you earn anything upwards of Rs 2 lakh a month.

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