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How do I put Google AdSense ads on the Articles?

Google Adsense Optimized CMS

Adding AdSense to your knowledge base articles is easy. PHPKB provides seamless integration of AdSense codes into your Knowledge Base Article System. It’s Auto Insert feature inserts AdSense codes into each article so that you can profit from visitors clicking on your ads. PHPKB automatically inserts the AdSense codes into your knowledge base articles without you having to manually add those codes into the articles.

Manage Adsense Settings

All you need to do is to simply specify your AdSense ID in the manage settings screen of Admin control panel. What most article management or knowledge base management softwares fail to do is to provide webmaster with seamless integration of AdSense codes into the system. We have developed the PHPKB system with the mind of our customers in order to accomplish this. Our auto Adsense Code Insert feature does the job of automatically inserting the AdSense codes into every page of the article and all you need to do is to simply edit the AdSense settings in the admin panel and that’s it!

Go to the "Manage Settings" screen of PHPKB Admin Control Panel and you’ll see the "Google Adsense Settings" section in it.

Adsense Integration in PHPKB

If you don’t have an Adsense account already, you can sign up for it at Google. If you are already signed up for Adsense & have a valid Adsense Publisher ID then you can enter it in the "Google Adsense Settings" section of the PHPKB Admin Control Panel. You can turn on/off the display of Google Adsense Ads, specify your Adsense Publisher ID, Adsense Channel ID and select the Ad colors of your choice in this section. Once you have entered these values, PHPKB Knowledge Base Script will start displaying Google Ads on every Article of the knowledgebase right away as shown below.

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