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Hallmark Gold and KDM Gold - What is the difference?

Do you look for purity when you purchase the gold coins, bars or jewelry? If so, ensure that you buy the precious metals like gold hallmarked by the Bureau of Indian Standards but what is hallmark and how does it work? Here is all you need to know... Read More

Abhinav Bindra wins Olympic Gold Medal for India

Abhinav Bindra is the first ever individual gold medal winner for India at the Olympics. Abhinav Bindra won gold medal at 2008 Beijing Olympics in Men's 10m Air Rifle shooting. Abhinav Bindra won India's first ever individual Olympic gold medal on... Read More

Gold Facts - Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Gold

Gold is a highly valued precious metal that is bright yellow in color. Gold is often seen as a symbol of a person's wealth. Here are some interesting facts about gold that you might not know before. Interesting Facts About Gold The chemical... Read More

Seven Jars of Gold

A barber, who was passing under a haunted tree, heard a voice say, "Will you accept seven jars full of gold?" The barber looked around, but could see no one. The offer of seven jars of gold, however, roused his cupidity and he cried aloud, "Yes, I... Read More

150 Questions for Business Quiz Competitions in India

A collection of 150 questions along with answers about business world of India for your general knowledge. India Business Quiz Questions K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in the millennium Olympics, and the first woman from India to... Read More

100 Famous Quotes on Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar's abilities with the cricket bat makes him the most famous sportsman in India. After winning the 2011 World Cup, the cricketing genius' fame and reputation seems to be growing with every passing day. We decided to put together 100... Read More

Spend Your Money Wisely - A Story Worth Reading

The wisdom of Birbal was unparalleled during the reign of Emperor Akbar. But Akbar's brother in law was extremely jealous of him. He asked the Emperor to dispense with Birbal's services and appoint him in his place. He gave ample assurance that he... Read More

Top 10 Car Colors in the World

According to DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results between 2006, the most popular choices have been tallied. Top 10 Car Colors in World Here are some interesting facts about the Popular Car Colors from all over the world. Luxury... Read More

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 7 March 2014

National security advisor-level meet on maritime security cooperation between India, Sri Lanka and Maldives held in New Delhi. Researchers at CAPRISA discovered potent antibodies which can neutralize and kill multiple strains of HIV. China... Read More

India’s Richest Temples - Most Rich Temples in India

India has rich cultural and historical heritage well preserved in its temple architecture and pilgrim sites. There are several famous India temples, and if you were to go anywhere in India you will find a few of them. A Temple is considered to be a... Read More

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