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Blood Donation - Information & Importance of Blood Donation

History of Blood Donation The earliest documentation of blood transfusion is found in the religious text of many civilizations. The first documented demonstration of blood transfusion was between two dogs by Richard Lower in 1665. Landsteiner... Read More

Facts about Blood Donation

Here are some blood donation facts for those who have any questions about blood donation. Blood Donor should be between 18-55 years of age with a weight of 50 kg or above with pulse rate, body temperature and blood pressure should be normal. Both men... Read More

Plastic Blood becomes a lifesaver

Researchers in London on Tuesday announced plastic blood, their latest breakthrough, may turn out to be a life saver. It's not the kind of plastic that you usually think. It's not like a plastic bowl or something. It's a polymer, which means it... Read More

What are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets?

There is a test called a complete blood count (CBC) to monitor your blood cell counts. Your bone marrow makes blood cells in the body. Bone marrow is the spongy material found in your bones. When checking your blood cell count, your doctor is loo... Read More

Garlic - The Natural Medicine of High Blood Pressure

Garlic is a natural remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure. A recent study by Australian scientists found that an excellent tool for solving problems of high blood pressure is garlic. A 12-week trial was held, which involved 50 people.... Read More

Blood Group Diet - Eating Based on Your Blood Group Type

After hitting the gym, doing yoga and jogging, people are now trying blood group-based diet as experts say the secret to a fit body may be hidden in the blood type. Blood Group Diet Do you know that following a diet that's designed specifically... Read More

Heart Facts - Interesting Facts About Human Heart

Let's get straight to the heart of the matter. The heart's job is to move blood. Here is a collection of some amazing and interesting facts about the human heart. Facts about Human Heart Day and night, the muscles of your heart contract and... Read More

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