Cheat Sheets are the handy reference pages those can be used to get the information quickly rather than searching the help manual. Whether you have forgotten the name of a function in a programming language or the property of a cascading style sheet, handy cheat sheets deliver the information you are looking for immediately. Most cheat sheets are available as .pdf or .png files, so you can print them and use them every day for whatever projects you are currently working on. We present an extensive collection of useful cheat sheets that we have found on the web.

Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

ActionScript Cheat SheetAjax Cheat Sheet Apache Cheat SheetASCII Character Codes Cheat Sheet ASP Cheat SheetBlogging Cheat SheetCSS Cheat Sheet CVS Cheat Sheet Firefox Cheat Sheet Google Cheat Sheet htaccess Cheat Sheet HTML/XHTML Cheat Sheet Java Cheat Sheet JavaScript Cheat Sheet JSP Cheat Sheet LaTeX Cheat Sheet mod_rewrite Cheat SheetMySQL Cheat Sheet Oracle Cheat SheetPerl Cheat SheetPhotoshop Cheat Sheet PHP Cheat SheetPython Cheat Sheet Ruby Cheat SheetUnix/Linux Cheat Sheet XML Technologies Cheat SheetMisc Topics - Cheat Sheet

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