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PHPKB Script has Search Engine Friendly URLs

PHPKB Knowledge Base Software offers Search Engine Friendly URLs (Static URLs) for dynamic knowledge base articles and categories. Administrator can turn on/off this feature of "SEO Friendly Links" from theĀ "Manage Settings" page in the PHPKB... Read More

English Proverbs & Sayings - Part 5

To make the cup run over. To make (to turn) the air blue. To measure another man's foot by one's own last. To measure other people's corn by one's own bushel. To pay one back in one's own coin. To plough the sand. To pour water into a sieve.... Read More

General Science Quiz - Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Here are some general science quiz questions along with answers to increase your general knowledge about science. General Science Quiz Questions Which instrument is used to measure pressure? Saccharimeter Ammeter Manometer Lactometer ... Read More

Geographical Terms - Geography Quiz Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of geography quiz questions to test your geography knowledge. The answers are given below the questions. This quiz will not only test your knowledge about geography but also helps to improve it. Geography Quiz Questions What... Read More

Forex Quiz - Forex Trading Quiz Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of forex trading quiz questions with answers for you to test your forex trading skills. It ia advised to take the forex quiz below to test your forex knowledge before you start to trade. If you have already started, take it and... Read More

Education Quotations - Quotes on Education by Famous People

Here is a collection of Quotations about education. You can read educational quotes by famous writers, philosophers, political leaders, and scientists throughout history. Famous Quotes on Education "When I give a lecture, I accept that people... Read More

Heads of Important Offices in India

Here is a list of the heads of the important offices in India. This list contains the names of 95 persons in the form of question-answers that are heads of the important offices in India. This list can be used to conduct general knowledge quiz... Read More

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