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Breast Cancer Treatment with Broccoli

Compounds derived from broccoli, may prevent and treat breast cancer, specifically acting on cancer cells.

Breast Cancer Treatment with Broccoli

Oncologists at the University of Michigan tested one component of the cabbage - sulforaphane - in mice and cell cultures, and documented that the substance kills cancer cells and blocks the formation of new tumors, reports portal AMI-TASS . Doctors see sulforafane great potential for prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

In the experiment, mice were injected pharmacologists different concentrations of sulforaphane, derived from an extract of broccoli. The researchers used several methods to estimate the number of cancer stem cells in the tumor. It was found that the substance of broccoli has no effect on normal cells and markedly reduces the growth of cancer cells. In addition, cancer cells in mice that received sulforaphane, were not able to generate new tumors.

Having experienced the effect of sulforaphane on human cell cultures in the laboratory, scientists have observed similar effects. The concentration of sulforaphane used in the study was higher than that which can be obtained through the use of broccoli. Necessary to influence the disease of substance can be obtained from an extract of broccoli, but the side effects are unknown, stress clinicians.

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