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Breast Cancer Risk and myths

As the woman attain a age of above 35 we tend to fear of getting breast cancer. Rate of woman getting under the age 50 is getting increased, but majority of cases will happen after 50 years generally it will affect woman of high position, married women, woman living in urban versus rural areas.

I just want to tell you all whether it is a breast cancer, lung cancer or any cancer you need to understand the basic things. For Cancer and cancer prevention depends upon the proper understanding of the cancer nature, understanding cancer will help you to overcome it easily. Mostly people have myths about breast cancer.

Myth 1 - Ancestry Fears of getting Breast cancer

People have lot of scare about genetic diseases, if you know the human anatomy every human is unique and human body is built up of a recipe of inherited qualities. Even you test positive for breast cancer you can still have a complete control on your overall health that can be achieved by taking proper and healthy food, stop smoking habits, if you are an addict to alcohol you can take a little, you need to do regular exercises.

Myth 2 - Getting birth to kids and breast-feeding is a safety

Ideal for woman is getting at least 2 kids before the age of 30 and breastfeeding your babies can reduce risk of breast cancer. It is not a assurance of safety. As I said above healthy diet, completely avoid smoking and avoid alcohol can do the job.

Myth 3 - Breast cancer can happen for Age-old woman

Its not the age which decides about breast cancer, even woman at the age of 30 years can get breast cancer. Between the age groups of 40 to 59 the risk has been increased to 4% and between the ages of 60-79 the risk is 7%. Only solution will be develop a healthy environment.

Myth 4 - Fatty diets cause breast cancer

Excess body weight in the form of fat results in higher production of estrogen, in addition to that which your ovaries already produce. That extra estrogen may fuel some types of breast tumors. A diet that is low in saturated fats is good for your heart health (lower cholesterol) as well as your breast health (normal estrogen levels.)

One more myth is Breast cancer is the end of life. But theoretically breast cancer can be completely cured when it has been treated in the starting stage. Early detection of breast cancer is very needed to eradicate it completely.

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