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Laser Printer Cleaning Tips

Laser printer is the fastest, high quality and more expensive than inkjet printers and their print quality is also higher. The print quality and printing speed of laser printers make them ideal for offices and business. Laser Printer is the most commonly used output device in office environment. That is why laser printers requires extra care as compared to the other parts of the computer. There is no difficulty to clean a laser printer if you have proper cleaning tools and methods.

Laser Printer Cleaning Tips

Use the cleaning tips given below to clean your laser printer.

  1. Never place your printer on the ground, always use table or shelf for this purpose.
  2. If you have the printer manufacturer manual, first read about on how to safe and clean it.
  3. Now disconnect your printer from the back side of the computer and unplug power from the electrical outlet.
  4. First use the compressed air to clean dust, toner powder from the outside and inner side of the printer.
  5. Use lightly dampened cloth or cleaning fluid to clean the body of the printer and avoid to spraying fluid near any holes on the printer.
  6. Use paper towel to clean the toner and brush to clean the inside of the printer.
  7. Always cover your printer with dust cover when you are not using it.

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