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Why Google has released Google Chrome browser?

Google Chrome BrowserSince Google Chrome is now officially released so most of us don’t know why Google has released a new browser when there are browsers like IE and Firefox already present in the market. Most of us have a question as to why Google felt the need to release their own browser. I really have no idea what are the main intentions of Google to release a new web browser and enter into the web browser market but as far my opinion is concerned, I think Google would like to create their presence in the web browser market and capture a lot of market share with their new browser Google Chrome.

Google Chrome - Google’s entry into Browser Market

I think the main reason of Google to enter the web browser market with the release of Google Chrome is that although they are the search engine giant however they were still relying on IE and Firefox browsers to display their search results and AdWords ads especially when there are Firefox extensions like "AdBlock Plus" in the market which can block the display of Google ads on webpages. Since online advertisement business (AdWords) is the main source of income for Google so they would never like to have any impact on their income with Firefox extensions like "AdBlock Plus". I’m not sure if there are any such ad blocking facilities available in recently released IE8 browser but Google would not like to take any chances. So, the best way for them (Google) is to release their own browser (Google Chrome) where there is no way to block their ads from appearing. I am sure a lot of people would have already downloaded Google Chrome browser and set it as their default browser due to its easy to use interface without any fancy menus and toolbars.

Google Chrome Extensions

" We don’t have that (support for third party extensions) in the Google Chrome beta today, but we definitely plan an extension API," or application programming interface, Sundar Pichai, a Google vice president of product management, said at the Google Chrome launch event. " It is one of the things we will get to next."

Google has not made any official announcement about the support of third party extensions, plug-ins and add-ons however I think a version of Google toolbar should be released for Google Chrome browser. Even if they allow third party extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome, I think extensions like "AdBlock Plus" won’t be supported as Google would never like to have their ads blocked in there own web browser. Google has a strong focus on giving users a good experience - indeed, it said its studies show that users find the text ads placed next to search results an overall improvement. But Google’s business depends on advertising, and its $3.1 billion DoubleClick acquisition is geared to give the company strength in just the sort of online display advertisements that AdBlock is designed to counteract. Anyways, let’s wait and watch the updates and upcoming news about Google Chrome Web Browser and if they allow support for third party extensions in Google Chrome.

Important Note: Extensions shouldn’t be confused with a related technology, plug-ins, which includes software such as Java from Sun Microsystems, Microsoft’s Silverlight, and Flash player from Adobe Systems. Existing plug-ins work in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome’s Best Features

Google Chrome - Address Bar

The best feature that I’ve found in Google Chrome is the highlighting of TLD (Top Level Domain) in address bar. For example, if you are visiting this page in Google Chrome you can notice that is highlighted in the address bar and all other parts of the URL are faded with light grey color. This feature would help prevention of online phishing as users can know which website they are on by just having a look at their browser. So, if an online phishing website asks for your bank account login details or PayPal’s email and password then you can have a look at the address bar in Google Chrome and see if highlighted domain in address bar is a phishing website or not.

Please post your comments and share what best features you’ve found in Google Chrome.

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