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What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management software is a technology that is implemented into a company’s or business’ customer relationship management (CRM) structure to locate, capture, and share customer information with the organization’s team. Often, knowledge management software is included directly in a company’s CRM structure to improve agent productivity, reduce call time with customers, and accurately digest customer data.

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge management software also allows for the widespread, simple sharing of company documents and procedures effectively reducing staff training time and giving all staff members access to the same information in real time. Knowledge management software systems usually incorporate web-based self-help systems, built-in feedback tools to help agents and managers be more efficient, and documentation accessible over the Internet.

Specialized in a way to streamline the availability of information and how it is stored and accessed, knowledge management software mainly creates categories for and redistributes information useful to a business. Usually pertaining to customer interactions, this information helps agents and managers focus sales and support energies in areas that need addressing without the duplication of staff efforts.

Traditionally, knowledge management software enables individuals within a business, usually one smaller than an enterprise, to improve customer experiences by sharing information and brainstorming new ideas for innovation and product direction. The software also typically contains specialized search tools which enable the collection and containment of information, as well as visual tools that help to focus information usually collected in a company’s database.

Enterprises can take advantage of knowledge management software as well, and require organization of their distributions of information across internal departments. Knowledge management software automates agent tasks, a key performance ability for large organizations. It also helps marketers to plan and schedule outbound campaigns by sifting through customer data. Including solutions that automate accounting, product configuration, and business intelligence, knowledge management software ultimately helps businesses streamline their overall levels of productivity.

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