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I made payment via PayPal but I have not received the files.

This is most likely due to one of two reasons:

  1. Payment was made using an e-cheque which is waiting to be cleared.
    Unlike PayPal payments using credit cards or cleared PayPal funds, e-cheques require a certain number of days to ’clear’. Once the e-cheque has cleared, PayPal will notify us and your account will then take effect
  2. Payment has not been authorised
    When the payment process on the PayPal site is completed an email is sent to the email address belonging to the PayPal account used. Within this email is an Order ID, an Authorization Code and instructions on how to authorize the payment. Until these steps are not completed, your purchase will not take effect.

If your payment was not made through an e-Cheque, you have completed the payment process and you have not received the files, please contact us.

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