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Castle in the Air

The article is inspired from a subtopic of first chapter in the book The Spiritual Primer

When we see kids making houses of sand near sea beaches, we say that they are playing nothing more than that...When a sea wave come and dissolve everything in it then nobody worries, because they understand that it will happen. All of us know that any thing made of sand is temporary!! We can not relay on it.

If same things happens with everybody in daily life then people start worrying, crying and weeping. We all have to understand that whatever we are doing for the material world is not going to be with us forever. In this world we came empty handed and we will lot like that only. None of the things from material world will go with us. Then why unnecessarily building castle in the air and have possessiveness for it?

Try to imagine the condition of a person who is standing in a crowd where everybody is pushing and shoving (shoving means people are pushing you to make their way). The person will not be able to make his way out. He will even feel difficulty in standing still and balanced!

We while living in this world, are usually pushed and pulled by our family, friends, spouse and children. We are also pushed in several directions by our own different kind of dreams and goals. We want to have money and fame. Along with that we want to enjoy life with music, movies and friends. We also sometime want to move around in hill stations and beautiful beaches. All these goals are sometime contradictory. But can we achieve all that? We possibly can not, because we don’t have time and energy. With the given human form we are limited by the body power and 24 hours of time a day. So what is the solution?

Solution is having balance in life!

We have to leave certain tasks and find priorities of remaining!

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