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Abundantly Blessed

I woke up this morning with gratitude filling my mind, for everywhere I looked there were Blessings to find.

The sun is shining outside so radiant and bright; I have been blessed again to survive another night.

As I glance up there’s a roof over my head, and from the comfort I feel I know I slept soundly in a bed.

I was covered by blankets kept comfortably warm, and had walls surround me keeping me safe from harm.

Here I am still lying here seeing Blessings galore, and when I arise I know I’ll find many more.

I have a floor on which to keel in prayer, where I can surrender to God whom I’m assured is near.

I have a closet of clothes, from which I may choose, and a radio and a T.V. on which I get the daily news.

There’s a fridge with nutrition of which I may partake, and all means of entertainment for my sake.

I’m Blessed with a car to make appointments on time, and neighbors on whose faces lovely smiles shine.

I’m Blessed with a family whom I love and adore, and lovable little pets who greet us joyfully at the door.

I’m not rich as the World counts wealth you see, but being so abundantly Blessed means more to me.

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