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List of Important Dams in India

Dams are useful in the Indian economy in terms of power generation, irrigation and flood prevention. We are providing you a list of all the important dams in India in the table below. S. No. Dams Power Generation Capacity ... Read More

Why soundtrack is an important part of a film?

In its broadest sense, a soundtrack comprises everything you hear in a movie, like the sound effects, dialogues, music etc. The soundtrack of a film is created as part of its post-production process. At first, the dialogues, sound effects, and music... Read More

Important Things To Learn From Noah’s Ark

Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah's Ark. Have you ever thought what is the message of Noah's Ark bible story? The story of Noah's Ark is one that never ceases to fascinate adults and children. It appears to be a "short story" but it is... Read More

List of Important Bird Sanctuaries in India

Here is a list of the names and location of most important bird sanctuaries in India. It is very important for all types of competitive examinations. Important Bird Sanctuaries in India S.No. Name State 1 Atapaka Bird Sanctuary Andhra... Read More

Importance of Having Breakfast - Why breakfast is important?

Breakfast can help prevent strokes, heart attack and sudden death. For those who always skip breakfast, you should stop that habit now! You've heard many times that 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.' Now, recent research confirms that... Read More

Stock Market Investment Advice - Important Suggestions

What is Stock Market? A market for the buying and selling of stocks, such as the New York Stock Exchange i.e. where stocks (shares) are bought and sold. A share is a portion of the total ownership of a corporation. The more shares you own in a... Read More

Important National & International Days and Dates

This post is to provide information about important days & dates. The table below contains the complete list of all dates and name of days worldwide. Important National and International Days and Dates Name of the DayDateImportant Days in... Read More

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