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Common sense is a kind of practical everyday knowledge you share with most people. Whether it's knowing when to cross the street, what to wear to work, or deciding what to eat, your brain is consta

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The biggest candy eaters are the Dutch, who average 65 pounds of candy per person in a year. 55,700 people in the US are injured by jewelry each year. The first owner of the Marlboro Compan

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In 1845, inventor Thomas Adams started the world's first chewing gum factory. In 1693, the postage rate of a letter was determined by how much light went through the letter. The less the ligh

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Roman emperors ate flamingo tongues which were considered a delicacy. Also parrotfish livers and pheasant brains were feasted on. In 2002, the most popular car color in North America was silver.

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Since its introduction in February 1935, more than two hundred million Monopoly board games have been sold worldwide. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than men in the Un

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Enough paper is recycled in the USA every day, that a 15 mile long train of boxcars could be filled up with paper. The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet cannot tan, or grow hair.

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There was an army general during the Liberia Civil War who used to lead his army into battle naked. His nickname was "General Butt Naked." Joshua Milton Blahyi (his real name) is now an evangelical p

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The fastest growing tissue in the human body is hair. Bhutan issued a stamp in 1973 that looked like a record and actually would play the Bhutanese national anthem if placed on a record player.

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Automobile building is the largest manufacturing industry in the world. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes. Polar bears can eat as much as ten percent of their body weig

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The largest spider ever was the Megarachne which had a diameter of 50 cm. The fossil was found in Argentina. In Russia, when flowers are given for a romantic occasions, flowers are given in odds

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