World Superlatives - Biggest, Tallest, Fastest of Natural World

Largest Bird North American Ostrich
Smallest Bird Bee Hummingbird
Largest Egg Ostrich Egg
Largest Reptile Estuarine or salt-water crocodile found in South-East Asia, Northern Australia and New Guinea
Longest Snake Reticulated Python, found in South-East Asia, Indonesia and Philippines
Largest Animal
(in water)
Blue Whale
Largest Animal
(living on land)
African Bush Elephant
Tallest Animal Giraffe
Largest Ocean Pacific
Deepest Part of the Ocean Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean
Largest Sea South China Sea
Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Largest Bay Hudson Bay, Northern Canada
Largest Continent Asia
Smallest Continent Australia
Largest Island Greenland (renamed Kalaattit Nunaat)
Highest Mountain Peak Mount Everest on the Tibet-Nepal border
Largest and Highest Mountain Range Himalaya-Karakoram in Asia
Largest River Amazon in South America
Longest River Nile in Africa
Largest Delta Sunderbans, created by the Ganga and Brahmaputra in Bangladesh and West Bengal
Highest Waterfall Salto Angel, Venezuela
Largest Desert The Sahara, North Africa
Largest Glacier
(Non-Polar regions)
Siachen, Indo-Pak border
Driest Place Atacama Desert, Chile
Hottest Place Aziza, Libya
Rainiest Place Mawsynram, near Cherrapunji (Meghalaya)
Longest Canal
(small ship)
Beloye Baltic Canal
Longest Canal (big ship Suez Canal, UAR

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