Major Rivers of the World

Largest River: The Amazon in South America flows into the South Atlantic Ocean. Though, the Amazon river is 222 km shorter in length than the Nile, it is still considered the largest river because of greater flow of water and the highest river basin in the world. Longest River, the Nile in Africa, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Important Rivers

River Location/Country Length (km) Source Outflow Into
Nile Africa/Egypt 6670 Lake Victoria Mediterranean
Missouri-Mississippi North America/USA 6300 Red Rock Montana Gulf of Mexico
Amazon South America/Brazil 6448 Andes in Peru Atlantic Ocean
Yangtze-Kiang Asia/China 5490 Tibetan Plateau China Sea (Pacific)
Hwang-Ho Asia/China 4840 Tibet Pacific Ocean
Yenisei Asia/Siberia 5300 Mount Tannuola Arctic Ocean
Lena Europe/Russia 4800 Lake Baikal Laptev Sea of Arctic Ocean
Niger Africa/Nigeria 4800 Sierra Leone Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic)
Congo Africa/Zaire 4800 Confluence of Lualuba and Luapula Atlantic
Ob Asia/Siberia 4150 Altai Mountains Gulf of Ob (Pacific)
Indus Asia/India and Pakistan 3180 Mount Kailash Arabian Sea
Brahmaputra Asia/India 2960 Tibet Bay of Bengal
Danube Europe/Austria, Hungary, Czech Slovakia, and Yugoslavia 2820 Near Baden in Germany Black Sea
Murray Australia 3720 Alps Indian Ocean
Volga Asia/Russia 3700 Valdia Plateau (Moscow) Caspian Sea
Amur Asia/Siberia 4510 Pamirs Pacific Ocean at the Sea of Okhotsk

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