Researchers in London on Tuesday announced plastic blood, their latest breakthrough, may turn out to be a life saver.

Plastic Blood Ploymers

It's not the kind of plastic that you usually think. It's not like a plastic bowl or something. It's a polymer, which means it's a large molecule.While engineers are currently using plastics for everything from light transport vehicles to solar panels, it's the idea of plastic blood that has particularly set researchers' hearts racing.

Especially in situations of emergency, this could be a breakthrough, as it can be administered to anyone irrespective of blood type. But this will take another decade to fructify.

"It's the Holy Grail in science and medicine to mimic blood. We're at the very beginning of this. So, each step of the way we should get better at it," said Lance Twyman of University of Sheffield.

For now, it remains on display at the Science Museum in London alongside other breakthroughs in plastic, which cover the last 100 years of the man-made material.