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Please Support San Damiano Foundation to Help Poor & Starving Kids

Please spare some time to see this video. It will tear your heart into make you think how we can help these poor and starving kids. San Damiano Foundation is using the power of films to help these poor kids. Become a little brother or a little sister of San Damiano to help them produce films that will awaken people to the plight of the poor and raise funds for those on the front line of poverty.

The vision for their films is twofold: to raise funds for Christian charities aiding the world’s poor, and to awaken the hearts and minds to the plight of the poor, hopefully inspiring viewers to serve those in need through acts of compassion and mercy. Please remeber that "Every act of mercy and kindness brings us closer to the reality of God".

You can visit the website of San Damiano Foundation at and see how you can help them fulfill their aim.

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