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What a Wife Wants - Tips for the Husband

Twenty eight years of marriage adds up to 28-plus years of experience in determining what a woman really wants in a man. It would be easy to say answer with the old standby, "Someone who is tall, dark and handsome," but we all know there’s more to it than that.

A woman wants a man who will respect her; her thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions. When a woman says, "I feel like...", she may know deep down that how she’s feeling isn’t based on fact but the fact is, she’s feeling it and it seems like it’s real. She doesn’t want a guy telling her she’s crazy for feeling the way she does. She wants to know that he is hearing how she feels and wants to help her to see the truth - gently.

A woman wants a man who adores her. I remember hearing a friend tell me one time that her husband had told her that morning that he adored her. You would have thought he had bought her a brand new car. To adore someone insinuates that you admire them, you’re crazy and passionate about them. Adore your woman. Admire her qualities, her characteristics. Show her you’re crazy about her.

A woman wants a man who is attentive. Being attentive can mean a lot of different things. Attentive to her needs, attentive to her words. If you really want to impress her, make her that lifelong mate, listen to her with your undivided attention. Make time for her. A woman’s needs are different than a man’s. While the male society thrives on having their physical needs met, ultimately it is usually the emotional needs not being met that a woman suffers from - a disconnected partner, a lazy partner, an apathetic partner. There is no faster way to disillusion her ideal relationship than to leave her emotional needs unmet hanging by a thread. Remember that old saying about needs being met elsewhere if they aren’t met at home? It’s not a myth.

A woman wants a man who takes care of himself. Shower. Shave. Brush your teeth. Get a haircut, or at least comb it. Wash your clothes. Flush the toilet. But another shirt so you have more than three. Read a good book and improve your mind. Take a walk around the block. You won’t die if you miss one TV show.

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