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Eye Exercises - Simple Exercises for Eyes at Home or Work

Eye care is a much-debated subject with many techniques being introduced or re-introduced quite frequently. The following is a simplistic version of the exercises, many of which can be practiced at home or work to keep perfect vision.

Simple Eye Exercises

  1. Keep blinking frequently and look up and look far. This relaxes the ciliary muscles which adjust the eye lens.
  2. Make sure that your television, monitor, or book does not produce a glare.
  3. Ultra-violet rays prematurely age your eyes. Make sure you wear your sunglasses when going outdoors.
  4. Cigarette ash and automobile pollution irritates your eyes and reddens it. Do not wear contact lenses in such places.
  5. Try cupping your palms around your eyes, gently without allowing any light for 10 minutes, three times a day.
  6. If your eyes feel tired, go to a basin, cup your palms with cool water and splash them on your eyes. It provides instant relief.
  7. Take couple of ice cubes, cover them in a cotton cloth and place it on your eyes. Relax. Let it be for 10-15 minutes.
  8. Raise your shoulders in a circular motion do it for a couple of minutes. Likewise, rotate your head start with the chin down, raise it to your left shoulder, swing your head back, the other shoulder and lower it. Do it the other way round too. This is good to boost circulation around the eye muscles.

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