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What can I do to reduce the amount of spam email I get?

Studies have shown that 65% of all emails sent are spam emails. We noticed that the amount of spam we were getting was significantly increasing each month. A couple of months ago, we were each getting about 30 to 50 spams a day! Spams had gone from being a real nuisance to a serious problem.

Spam mails statistics graph

No surprise then that everybody is fed up with spam. Businesses and individuals are doing something about it. In a lot of cases they are setting up spam filters. However here are some tips and many resources those may help you to reduce the amount of spam emails received per day.

  1. Never click on an "unsubscribe" link in a spam email. That only serves to confirm that someone actually reads the spam they send you and they will then sell your email address to other spammers.
  2. If your email address is on your website, you might want to change to using a form mailer, for contact. Spammers harvest email addresses using a spider program. The spider searches websites and gathers any email address it can find.
  3. Use a separate email address when you post to newsgroups and mailing lists. Never use this email address for personal email. Then, you can quickly go through the email in this account to see what’s spam and what isn’t. And your main personal email address won’t be as clogged with spam.
  4. If you participate in newsgroups / usenet, do NOT use your email address in the reply to field of your newsreader. Again, spammers harvest these groups for valid email addresses.

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We hope these resources help you succeed in reducing the amount of spam you receive. Let us know your results.

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