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The Normal Newborn Baby

The average duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks. A baby born after this period weighs 2.8 kg. (on an average). Any newborn with a birth weight of

  • Weight 2.5 ? 3.5 kg.
  • Length 50 cm.
  • Head circumference 35 cm.
  • Heart rate 120 ? 140 per minute.
  • Respiratory rates 30 ? 40 per minute.

The normal baby may be slightly bluish in the extremities a short while after birth but becomes pink within a few hours. Urine is passed during birth or immediately after birth, but a vast majority passes urine within the 24 hours. The first stool, which the baby passes, is known as meconium, it is black in color and is paste like. Meconium is passes within the first day and the stools change to golden brown over the next 2 ? 3 days. The infant is normally ready for the feed within 3?4 hours after birth and where ever possible should be put to the mother?s breast.

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