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bluePen Editor - Free web-based Visual CSS Editor

bluePen Editor is a PHP-powered visual CSS editor that can be installed to any static or dynamic website and makes live CSS editing possible. It's a web application that allows you to edit your existing stylesheets on your website. This is done by WYSIWYG principle so you don't need any special skills.


Once triggered (with a bookmarklet), it opens the editor widget and makes all HTML elements hoverable so that blupePen can locate the CSS rules of them (like Chrome Dev Tools). It has features like color-picker, file manager, ruler, color comparison and more. bluePen Editor has a built in safety system so you need not to fear while making any mistake. The editor keeps track of the changes made and auto-backups them in case you prefer to revert the styles.

bluePen CSS Editor Benefits

  • Fast and easy editing (even if the content is generated dynamically using JavaScript)
  • Higher efficiency
  • Productivity boost
  • True WYSIWYG editor
  • No installation needed
  • No footprint on the client's server (only 1 small file to upload)
  • Automatic updates

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