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How many Color Schemes are available for PHPKB Script?

Creating a Color Scheme for PHPKB Knowledge Base Software is not a tedious job at all. All you need to do is just changes some color codes inside the style sheet file and a new color scheme is a ready. We have already created some color schemes for our customers and they are available to all the customers for a very little cost of just $5 per color scheme after the purchase of PHPKB Knowledge Base Script.

Some of the available color schemes for PHPKB Knowledge Base Software are displayed below.

Dark Grey Color Scheme

Grey Color Scheme for PHPKB

Purple Dream Color Scheme

Purple Color Scheme for PHPKB

Hot Chocolate Color Scheme

Chocolate Color Scheme for PHPKB

Fresh Lime Color Scheme

Fresh Lime Color Scheme for PHPKB

Slate Black Color Scheme

Black Color Scheme for PHPKB

Aqua Blue Color Scheme

Blue Color Scheme for PHPKB

Cherry Pink Color Scheme

Pink Color Scheme - PHPKB

Sea Green Color Scheme

Green Color Scheme for PHPKB

If you would like to have all of these solor schemes in your collection then send an email to our support department with your order number and date of order. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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