Ebola Virus Disease - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Everyone in the world today is at risk. Please help educate all around you by sending this message to all your contacts.
What is EBOLA Virus Disease (EVD)?
Ebola It's a virus that attacks blood system of a person. Ebola is what scientists call a Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF). It operates by making its victims bleed from almost anywhere on their body. Usually victims bleed to death. Ebola is highly contagious; Being transmitted via contact with body fluids such as blood, sweat, saliva, semen or other body discharges. Ebola is however NOT AN AIRBORNE VIRUS!
EXTREMELY Deadly: About 90% of people that catch Ebola will die from it. It's one of the deadliest diseases in the world, killing in just a few weeks.

Ebola Treatment

Untreatable (No Cure): Ebola has no known treatment or cure. Victims are usually treated for symptoms with the faint hope that they recover.
What are its known symptoms? How do I know someone has Ebola?
Symptoms typically start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pains, and headaches. Typically nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea follow, along with decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys. At this point, some people begin to have bleeding problems. Here are a few symptoms of Ebola virus disease.
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