Important Lines and Boundaries

Durand Line: It is the line demarcating the boundaries of India and Afghanistan. It was drawn up in 1893 by Sir Mortimer Durand. India recognizes the Durand Line but Afghanistan does not.

Hindenburg Line: It is the boundary dividing Germany and Poland. The Germans Marched to this line in 1917 during World War I.

Maginot Line: A 320 km line of fortification built by France along its border with Germany before World War II, to protect against German Attack.

Mannerheim Line: It is the line of fortification on the Russia-Finland border. Drawn up by General Mannerheim.

McMahon line: Drawn up by Sir Henry McMahon. It demarcates the frontier of India and China. China did not recognize this line and violated it in 1962.

Oder-Neisse Line: It is the border between Poland and Germany running along the Oder and Neisse rivers; adopted at the Poland Conference (August 1945) after the World War II.

Radcliffe Line: Drawn up by Sir Cyril radcliffe, this line demarcates the boundary between India and Pakistan.

Siegfried Line: Is the line of fortification drawn up by Germany on its border with France.

17th Parallel: The 17th parallel defined the boundary between North and South Vietnam before the two were united.

24th Parallel:  Is the line, which Pakistan claims for demarcation between India and Pakistan. This, however, is not recognized by India.

38th parallel: Is the parallel of latitude, which separates North and South Korea.

49th Parallel: The boundary between US and Canada.

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