World Largest, Biggest, Highest, Smallest Structures

Structure Name Location
Largest Airport King Khaled International Airport (223 sq. km) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Largest Airport (roofed) King Abdul Aziz International Airport (103 sq. km) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Highest Airport Lhasa Airport at 4363 m Tibet, China
Busiest Airport Chicago, O? Hare International Airport Chicago, IIIionois (USA)
Lowest Airport Schiopol International Airport Amsterdam
Longest Steel Arch Bridge New River Gorge Bridge (518.2 m long) West Virginia, US
Longest Railway Bridge Huey P. Long Bridge (7009 m) Metairie, Louisiana, US
Highest Bridge A Bailey bridge built by the Indian army (30 m long at an altitude of 5600 m) Khardungla, Ladakh
Highest Road Bridge Royal Gorge (321 m above sea level) River Arkansas, Colorado
Highest Railway Bridge Fades Bridge (144 m long 132.5 m above sea level) River Sioule, France
Longest Rail Line Trans-Siberian line from Moscow to Nakhodka (9438 km) Russia
Tallest Office Sear Towers (110 storeys, 443 m high) Chicago, IIinois
Tallest Tower CN Tower (555.33 m high) Metro Centre, Toronto
Largest Church Basilica of St. Peter Built in 1492 ? 1612 (15, 142 sq. m) Vatican City, Rome
Largest Cathedral Diocese of New York, area 11,240 sq. m New Yark
Largest Mosque (in ruins) At Malawiya Mosque (238.9 x 156 m) Smarra, Iraq
Largest Mosque (in use) Umayyad Mosque (157 m x 97 m) Damascus, Syria
Largest Mosque Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad, Pakistan
Largest Temple Angkor Vat (162.6 ha) Cambodia
Largest Railway Station Grand Central Terminal Park Avenue, New York
Highest Railway Condor Station 94786 m height) Bolivia
Longest Railway Platform Kharagpur Railway platform (833 m length) Kharagpur, West Bengal
Longest Wall The Great Wall of China China
Tallest Building Taipei 101 (509 m 101 Storey) Taipei, Taiwan
Largest Stadium Strahov Stadium Prague, Czech
Largest Seaport Port of New York and New Jersey  
Largest Library The Library of Congress Capital Hill, Washington DC
Oldest University University of Karueein (founded AD 859) Morocco
Largest Open University  Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi
Longest Road Pan-American Highway 27,387 km North-West Alaska to Southern-most Chile
Highest Road 13 km Stretch between Kangti-suu and Khaleb Hsin-Chi-Fu Tibet

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